Travel credit

United Airlines

Condensing member profile and preferences pages in the My Account space

Travel credit


  • Project scope: 1 year
  • Role: Product manager/business analyst
  • Product type: Responsive web (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Tools: Pen, paper, JIRA, Zeplin, Confluence, Slack

Any account updates, travel requests, notifications, and payment methods all can be found in the user’s profile section of My Account. The previous experience was housed on legacy code, and it had over 80 different pages for the user to be bumped around to when making changes. Many of the experiences were broken or had outdated information.

Stakeholders from the business and digital channels were both asking for an update in creating a more streamlined and seamless user experience.

The challenge

Move the Profile and Preferences experience from legacy code to a new framework and redesign the experience to be more streamlined for the user.

  • Migrate the old experience to a new framework.
  • Redesign the UX by decreasing the amount of pages needed.
  • Cross-communicate with other teams
  • Incorporate new services and microservices for profile, preferences, and payments.
  • Ensure no other United pages that use information from the account break from these updates, such as the booking flow.
  • Map out all scenarios caused by the form field heavy page.

What I did

  • Co-lead scrum DEV team
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analyzed backend service and microservices
  • Worked with UX designer for error states for UI and service errors
  • Epic/Feature/Story mapping
  • User story writing
  • Listed acceptance criteria for features
  • Co-lead grooming sessions
  • Managed backlog prioritization
  • Continuous communication between DEV and QA teams during development
  • Facilitated discussions between product DEV teams and backend services team
  • Performed Product Owner review, quality and usability assurance testing, and sign-off on stories
  • Co-lead demos to stakeholders for My Account pages
  • Cross-communicating between digital teams
  • Release planning coordination between teams

The result

The final result was an experience where users could easily access their profile, preferences, and saved forms of payments. We took 80+ pages from the previous legacy experience and condensed it down to 3 pages total for the user. Within each page are accordions housing the different sections. All pages were updated with new services. Users have the ability to add, edit, and remove different aspects of their profile as they see fit. We kept important features like having primary contact information that cannot be removed while sunsetting old features that were not needed anymore, like designating the type of device used for email.

This project spanned over a year in time during a time when United Airlines was going through a rebranding and new styling. Future iterations will need to have pages updated to match the new styling. We received some customer comments that there is still some confusion on what can be found in certain accordions, such as where Known Traveler Number can be found. The team should look to perform new user testing and card sorting to revise naming conventions and alleviate any further confusion from occurring.