MileagePlus dotcom enroll screen

United Airlines

Innovating with rapid account creation

MileagePlus dotcom enroll screen


  • Project scope: 4 weeks
  • Role: Lead UX designer
  • Product type: Mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Tools: Pen, paper, Sketch, Zeplin, Microsoft Teams

United Airlines has a membership program, MileagePlus, that thousands of customers enroll in each day. The goal of this project was to see how we can utilize information we currently have from a customer reservation to allow for a quick "1-click" enrollment process.

Empathize and discover

I reviewed the original MVP that had been delivered for responsive web to see what pieces could be used within the app and to see where we may need to enhance responsive web in the future. The following were the main questions I looked to answer within the design:

  • Where can we put entry from a customer's reservation into the quick enrollment flow?
  • What information does a customer need to see?
  • We've seen some customers confuse the free MileagePlus account with the United branded credit cards - how can we alleviate any confusion?
  • How can the flow flex to account for different passenger scenarios?

Ideate and design

From my analysis, I designed an experience that pinpoints main areas that we have seen in customer commments and via business stakeholder feedback.

  • Rapid enrollment: With the focus of this project being "how do we get customers enrolled quickly," I solutioned for an experience that allows for rapid enrollment. This means that if there are multiple passengers on the reservation that are not members, then they all will display as radio button options to be enrolled in the flow. After one traveler is enrolled, the customer will be prompted to continue enrolling more travelers immediately on the confirmation screen. This removes extra clicks that are currently happening in the responsive web experience where you have to go into each traveler separately to enroll them in MileagePlus.

  • Emphasizing "free": From customer feedback, we knew that customers were not sure if this was a free program or a credit card number. I incorporated language into the copy that helped clarify that this is a free program and eliminate any confusion.

  • Reusability: This design flow was created in a way that it can be easily placed in other areas of the United mobile app with little to no changes needed in the look and feel. This keeps all quick enrollment channels consistent and provides a standard for the future.

User flow

Enrollment semantic order

Hi-Fi designs

Quick Enrollment flow


Adding quick enrollment to the reservations details in the United mobile app is just the beginning of quick enrollment. We're looking at exploring what other areas allow us the flexibility of offering quick enrollment to our non-member customers.